Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trinity Icons at St. Gerasimos Monastery in Palestine

I visited the Monastery of St. Gerasimos (Deir Hajla) a few kilometers east of Jericho today.  It contained a two interesting images of the Trinity.

The first is from the dome over the upper church, showing an anthropomorphic Father enthroned in Heaven, with the Spirit as a dove, and the Son as an infant on the Father's lap.

The second shows an anthropomorphic Father on the right, the Son on the left, and the Spirit as a dove in the middle with a halo.  The Father has a triangular halo.


  1. I think it's kind of funny how you'll post things without a great deal of comment, and trust your readers to figure out why you posted it. Kind of like a statement, "the application of these things to other culturally interesting or ritually symbolic items is left as an exercise for the reader." Very Nibley-esque of you.